We start with this one question --  What’s important about money to you?

It’s the question that formulates the basis of everything that we do together. Because what’s important about money to us, or anyone else for that matter, is not what’s important about money to you. 

Each person is different, and therefore, each plan must be custom tailored to the individual. By carefully listening to what is important about money to you, we craft and execute strategies that help you focus on what you value most in life. 

Imagine the future is today. What does your personal financial future look like?

Amidst the uncertainties of life, a well thought-out, strategic financial plan can provide you with peace of mind even when life throws you a curveball. The ongoing demands of life require us to plan for such things like… 

  • Providing for your family and dependants 
  • Saving for your children’s or grandchildren's college education
  • Living the lifestyle you’d like to enjoy in retirement
  • Providing assistance to aging parents and relatives 
  • Leaving a legacy and contributing to what you value in life 


An effective plan is time-oriented, realistic and addresses all eventualities. It takes into account everything that could happen and assumes that it will happen. 

Retirement is not a destination, it’s the well-deserved reward from a lifetime of work!  

With the likelihood that you will live for 20 years or more in retirement, the decisions that you make before and during your retirement could have a dramatic impact on the type of retirement you enjoy.  

Retirement planning is not a one-time static evaluation of your situation…

It is an ongoing process that focuses on the ever-changing parameters such as sources of retirement income and expenses one may face in retirement.  The retirement planning process evaluates all your retirement income sources, your financial needs during retirement and the assets available at retirement to determine the best possible plan of action based on your particular circumstances. Regardless of what is happening in the world, the markets or your personal life, we stick help you to stick to the plan and achieve your goals.
When you choose to work with Wealthcare Solutions, you’re choosing a partner whose primary concern is about making sure that you achieve your specific dreams and aspirations. 


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