Kraig | Manager & Managing Director | Wealthcare Solutions

Kraig Null

Wealth Manager & Managing Director

Kraig Null has three decades of experience guiding individuals in making sound financial decisions.  As a financial professional, he’s focused on holistic financial planning as the cornerstone of the client relationship and frequently attends continuing education events to stay abreast of the issues and solutions facing clients in an ever-changing world. Kraig studied Business Administration and Engineering, attending college in Maryland.

Kraig started in the financial services industry out of college and after a few years in the business, purchased a distribution business from a client at the time.  After successfully growing and selling the business, he pursued another opportunity with family members before reentering the financial services industry. 

Kraig initially entered the investment industry because he was attracted to the “thrill and challenge” of investing. But as his tenure in the industry increased, so did his awareness of the importance of looking at a client’s full financial situation and designing and monitoring a strategy that address their overall financial wellbeing.

Kraig started Wealthcare Solutions, LLC because he felt that the interests of investors were not being serviced in an industry that was focused on product sales.  He wanted to be on the same side of the table as the client, putting their interests first. Kraig has always lived by the principle that if I help enough people get what they want out of life, I’ll get what I want.  

The most enjoyable aspect of Kraig’s work are the life-long relationships that he develops with his clients.  Part of that includes the challenge of helping them identify their goals and devising a strategy to help them achieve their dreams.

Kraig is active in his church and leads his men’s group in weekly reflections, as well as organizes monthly services and events allowing men of faith to come together in fellowship.  He thoroughly enjoyed coaching his daughters in basketball for 9 years until they reached high school. He enjoys all types of carpentry work from remodeling to furniture making.  In his spare time, he enjoys golf, sailing, being outdoors, and sporting clays.  In the past Kraig has served on the advisory board of his daughters' school for 6 years, serving as the board president for the last 3 years and served on the board of directors of the local chapter of the Financial Planning Association for two terms.  He also is engaged in volunteer work with Habitat for Humanities.