Our Investment Philosophy

Kraig Null |

Our philosophy is one that has evolved over time based on our experience in the market and changes to the delivery channels for investment advice. We follow the basic tenants of Modern Portfolio Theory which allow that a properly diversified portfolio of can reduce the risk and normalize the returns of an investment portfolio. Diversification is achieved not only between asset classes but also within asset classes which further mitigates risk by dispersing it along the spectrum of available investment options.

Our preference is towards the use of exchanged traded funds for the equity portion of a portfolio since they provide us the ability to match an asset allocation strategy to specific indices as well as provide the necessary diversification to mitigate risk within an asset class. In addition, we tend to gravitate towards individual fixed income holdings as opposed to bond funds because we have greater control over the quality, maturity and sector distribution. This approach tends to be more conservative in execution and while we may give up a little in investment return we gain in the area of capital preservation.

We believe that our process helps in limiting risk, controlling expenses and works towards consistent conservative growth.