Client Meeting Cycle

Kraig Null |

I was at a dinner party recently, and I was talking with one of the guests there who asked what I did for a living. After explaining that I helped successful individuals make smart choices with their money, they proceed to complain to me how their adviser never reaches out to them and indicated that they had spoken in nearly two years. I was somewhat taken back since they described their adviser as a financial planner and their primary contact for financial matters. While some may think that trust played a large role in the length of time between meetings, I would suggest that it is a lack of respect for the client and an indifference to the importance of serving as a trusted advisor and financial advocate.

A financial plan is not a static document or strategy that once developed is set aside never to be touched again; rather it is a dynamic creation that evolves just as our own lives change over time. Periodic reviews of the progress towards achieving your financial goals, adapting to change in your personal life, or changes in attitudes and outlooks are an important component of a successful financial plan and a fundamental cornerstone of the client-adviser relationship.

Our process incorporates a tri-annual meeting cycle supplemented by web conferences and telephone calls between meetings. At times, our clients will exercise their discretion and decide a call or conference is not necessary, however, and invitation is always extended to them. For more information on our meeting cycle, visit the “Our Planning Process” tab on our website.